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Metal Personnel Subcontractor

Industrial maintenance and assembly personnel

Subcontract personnel while guaranteeing the best results

Our mission is to facilitate the companies’ work and provide subcontracting services to the industrial goods production sector. Our officers have the capacity to join manufacturing processes. Thanks to our long history, we are leaders in supplying highly qualified personnel.

We work with all types of professional profiles for the metallurgical sector, to guarantee that you can form a complete team that cover all your needs.

Maipú Instalaciones

Ensure the success of your project!

Job categories are very diverse: mechanic fitters, TIG and MIG MAG welders, electrode welders, electro-mechanics, lathe operators, locksmiths, boilermakers, industrial electricians and industrial fitters.

If the profile you are looking for is not among the above, please do not hesitate to contact Maipú Group and we will take care of everything.

Contact us and start a new beginning with the Metal Personnel Subcontractor leader company

Have professional staff at your disposal

Trust comes first! Our staff selection processes are strict and rigorous, as to guarantee our clients the best quality results.

Thanks to our long history, we have a pool of highly experienced workers.

Outsource according to your production cycles

Subcontract only for a limited period of time? Of course you can!

At Maipú Group we are aware that many of our clients have a production cycle that repeats annually, so they require more manpower for a limited period of time.

Make costs more flexible

Having the necessary staff available at the right time, adjusting to the needs of your business, will allow you to generate a flexible cost that will translate into a higher profitability of your company due to an increase in economic benefits.

Forget about training and legal hassles

Completely? Exactly, at Maipú Group we will ensure that all employees have the necessary training to carry out their duties.

We also assume the legal risk that may arise from this process.

We are regulated by Law 32/2006 and subsequent laws.

Incorporation of workers into the company

If after a certain period of time the client decides to incorporate the worker, we will ensure that this process is carried out in an agile manner.

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