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Subcontractor of Personnel for the industrial and housing sector

Looking for a qualified and guaranteed outsourcing company?

Maipú Group is a world reference in the subcontracting of personnel specialised in electrical installations, plumbing, air conditioning installation, piping and the development of infrastructures, both civil and industrial.

Maipú Works

We provide qualified, carefree personnel for the sector

Extensive professional experience

We are endorsed by more than 20 years of experience as a subcontracting company for the industrial sector, in which we have provided workers committed to their work, to the industry, and have guaranteed the execution of the work with strict delivery and quality commitments.

Guarantee and security made law

Our experience allows us to know the requirements of the law to the letter, we take care of everything! We are regulated by Law 32/2006 and subsequent laws.

We select assets for you

Confidence! This is what we transmit to our network of professionals.

Since 1993, we have been recruiting technical profiles, middle management and executives for each project and for each client.

Coverage and Immediacy

A nationwide network of offices allows us to offer services in different geographical areas, enabling us to reduce the costs of operations, transfers and increase the productivity of our officers.

Receive our Dossier and discover how much your company would earn with us!

Safety and Immediacy

Our network of assets allows us to offer fast, effective and high quality solutions.

We specialise in works with limited space and time, providing immediately operational staff, our staff is suitable for intensive works and, in addition to this, we provide solutions to administrative, labour and legal issues.

Do you still have doubts about subcontracting personnel?

Outsourcing staff allows you to take your business to another level, assuring you can stay focused on your work and your business; at Maipú Group we will take care of the rest.

In addition, you will have a labour flexibility factor that will allow you to reduce and/or increase the staff at your convenience, managing labour costs in favour of the evolution of your business.

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